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New Product Release 2014/09/29
 Dear friends



It has been a long time since we last posted.

We would like to announce that some of our new products have launched already, the innovative SD-813 and SD-818.

Have you ever used Navigation while cycling? Have you ever be panic-stricken when you received a call on the ride? Have you ever been perplexed that you have a brand new cell phone but cannot fit the holder? Now, those problems can be solved when you have our SD-813 Universal Cell Phone Holder.


1.      The special design can make you set and release your cell phone easily, also the distance of claws are adjustable, so that you don’t need to replace the cell phone holder when you have a new cell phone.


2.      The adjustable design of stainless steel fixed sheet can fit all size of stem.


3.      The most thoughtful suspension design can make your cell phone reducing some damage when your bike jolted badly over the rough road.


Also, the SD-818 could be the most convenient product ever! You can set the bottle cage or cell phone holder on the stem, it allows you reaching your bottle easily.


We hope those products can fit you needs and welcome any comments about it.